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The Wynne Thomas Arts Development Fund Grant Opportunity

The County Foundation is pleased to announce The Wynne Thomas Arts Development Fund.  Each year the fund will award up to $5,000, to a Prince Edward County Arts Organization to support a program or project that is intended to advance the awareness, appreciation and the role of the arts in The County.  More than one project might be considered.  The award, which is not intended to supplement general revenues, will be adjudicated by The County Foundation’s pool of grants committee members. 



The fund requires applicant organizations to provide matching funds against the grant amount.   This can be volunteer time; other Grant money; in-kind contributions; registration fees or any other source of funds that will ensure success of the program/project.


Application should include the following components:

  • In the form of a letter/memo to the grants committee.  No more than three (3) pages.  Outline the project/program that the organization is intending to offer.  Provide details on nature of the project; target audience; dates and times if applicable.  How it will be promoted.
  • Provide a one-page budget for the program/project and specifically note what the funds from the fund will be used towards.  List matching funds on this budget.  Be as specific as possible.
  • A list of the board members and those responsible for the delivery of the program including expertise and experience.

Preference will go recognized Prince Edward County Arts organizations with a record of good stewardship and program/project delivery.  Newer initiatives will also be considered.

Visit:  http://www.thecountyfoundation.ca/funds-c71.php