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The County Foundation announces Learning Project Funding

initiative of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and the Laidlaw Foundation) to continue the PEC Youth Collective Impact (Youth CI) initiative in its Vital Signs Learning Group. This is a structured collaborative project, with over 20 local organizations working together to achieve a common goal of supporting PEC youth in reaching their potential through participation in educational, arts, cultural and civic activities. 

A substantial portion of this funding will be allocated to hiring youth who will assist in the development and implementation of the Youth CI initiative. Youth CI partner organizations will welcome these youth as part of their staff. In these positions they will support the development and delivery of programs as well as gain valuable workplace experience.  

Other elements of the project include: establishing a fund to support the participation of youth facing financial barriers; expanding partner collaboration; refining measurement and evaluation methods; research; engaging new partners; and developing a communications plan. The Learning Group will also be applying to Ontario Trillium Foundation for co-funding of this long -term project.