Annual Review & Audit

Since 2008, The County Foundation has been building endowments and funds to support organizations and individuals in PEC. Led by a volunteer board of directors, we have achieved credibility as a relevant leader and participant in community change. To date, our grants to community organizations have exceeded $706,503 focusing on the needs and sectors important to donors. In 2018 alone, our collective grants funded projects have totalled $159,301.

In 2018, we published our second PEC Vital Signs Report to provide a research-based snapshot of the community, looking at both opportunities and challenges at a point in time. It is used by many agencies to support grant applications, signal trends for discussion, and identify issues for action.

As laid out in our 2018 Vital Signs Report, we are leading and working with 59 community organizations and many dedicated community members to address key challenges, especially in food security, learning and transportation.

Food Security: our community gardens in The County, and programs such as “Food to Share,” “Good Food Box,” and “Grow a Row,” are flourishing. A funding request has been granted by the Rural Ontario Institute, supported by The County and six community partners, to co-ordinate and integrate food access, and food education, and skills, through engagement of a better-informed community. This project is now underway and will be sustainable beyond this funding timeline.

Learning: a major effort by several organizations is moving ahead with grants from the Laidlaw Foundation and the Ontario Trillium Foundation to improve educational success and future opportunities for youth in our community.

Transportation: we spearheaded the need for an affordable, sustainable transportation business plan which was approved, and is being funded by a $500,000 grant from the Province over a four-year period, with the project commencing in 2019.

In the past two years we have facilitated funding of over $1 million to support major projects emerging from our Vital Signs working groups.

Looking Ahead

Our goal is to achieve concrete solutions based on a collaborative approach by taking effective action specific to our Vital Signs priorities.

Our strategic plan includes ongoing research and the digitization of the Vital Signs Report to enable timely updates of “What’s Being Done” and provide new fact-based information about our community on a more frequent basis.

Annual Audits