Annual Review & Audit

Whether you’re born in The County, spend time here &/or choose to make it your home, you can feel there’s something special about this place. Countless generations have lived, worked, and enjoyed all that Prince Edward County has to offer. Caring deeply about the past, present and future of our community is something that unites us all.


In 2008, a small group of people saw an opportunity to make a big difference. Eleven years later, The County Foundation continues to link our caring community with local causes. We’re proud to be one of 191 community foundations in Canada pursuing a future where everyone belongs.

The support of donors, philanthropists, the Municipality, and volunteers enables us to improve lives today and tomorrow. Collaborating with supporters and local agencies, throughout 2019 we strengthened our ability to serve vital needs of our community.

More specifically, The County Foundation volunteers and staff:

  • Helped people create and manage funds, legacies and bequests that met their personal philanthropic goals. A total of 24 funds were managed and 14 young people pursued their dreams supported by a donor-directed scholarship or bursary.
  • Digitized our popular 2018 Vital Signs report that signals trends, identifies issues and informs grants. Links to current online reference materials can be accessed anytime, anywhere at
  • Made and managed grants that address Vital Signs key priority areas and strengthened community resilience.
  • Co-led Vital Signs working groups focused on community safety and well-being, food security, learning and transportation.
  • Connected dozens of volunteers with opportunities to collaboratively support the work of 59 community organizations.

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Looking Ahead

Our goal is to achieve concrete solutions based on a collaborative approach by taking effective action specific to our Vital Signs priorities.

Our strategic plan includes ongoing research and the digitization of the Vital Signs Report to enable timely updates of “What’s Being Done” and provide new fact-based information about our community on a more frequent basis.

In 2018, we published our second PEC Vital Signs Report to provide a research-based snapshot of the community, looking at both opportunities and challenges at a point in time. It is used by many agencies to support grant applications, signal trends for discussion, and identify issues for action.

As laid out in our 2018 Vital Signs Report, we are leading and working with 59 community organizations and many dedicated community members to address key challenges, especially in food security, learning and transportation.

Annual Audits