What We Do

Mission and Vision

Located in Prince Edward County on the north shore of Lake Ontario, The County Foundation is one of 191 community foundations across the country offering leadership and funding to support initiatives that benefit our communities.

Since 2008, The County Foundation has been building permanent endowments and funds to support organizations and people in this community. To date, grants back to the community have exceeded $700,000 covering a number of sectors and focussing on the needs our donors want to address. What inspires us, year after year, is the opportunity to make a difference in virtually every aspect of community life.

In 2013, The County Foundation published the first-ever PEC Vital Signs Report to provide a statistically based snapshot of the community, looking at both opportunities and challenges. As described in our 2015 Vital Signs Progress Report, we continue to work with 59 community organizations to address challenges in the areas of food security, learning and transportation in Prince Edward County. Our goal is to achieve concrete solutions based on a collaborative approach. We are actively seeking financial support for projects emerging from the working groups and grants from our PEC Fund reflect these priorities.

The County Foundation’s strategic plan and outlook is to provide the opportunity to know what is happening here, to work together to address the needs, and to find the sustainable support to do so for today and tomorrow. We share the view that looking to the future of this island community, we need to, not only build on a strong sense of place, but also ensure that there is a stronger sense of hope, for all members of the community.

Our Visionary Patrons

Since we first “opened our doors,” The County Foundation has been supported by visionary citizens in the community who see the Foundation as a way to make a real and lasting difference in Prince Edward County. Their donations support our operations and, in particular, our PEC Fund which gives grants back to the community in support of our Vital Signs initiatives.

Our Grants

With our close connections to the non-profit sector, we provide insightful, effective grant distributions to improve the quality of life in our community. Grants are distributed to registered charities via Donor-Directed Funds, scholarships, and funds we manage.

Our Work With Donors

We make it easy for our donors to support causes that are important to them. Whether it’s establishing a fund in your area of interest, or giving where the need is greatest through federally-registered charities, we’ll ensure prudent financial management results in maximum returns for legacies that are respected in perpetuity.

Our Work With Other Organizations

We are working with 59 local organizations to move forward on issues identified in the Vital Signs Report. We have been the lead applicant in bringing in over $1.1M in grants to support these collaborative actions. We have also supported the Police Services Board in moving forward on a Community Safety and Well-being Plan and a Mental Health Strategy for Prince Edward County.