Municipal COVID Recovery Grants

The Municipal Covid-19 Recovery Grants now open for Applications

We are delighted to announce the above grants are now open for application to eligible organizations. The opening has been advertised in local newspapers and on our Foundation Facebook page and can be accessed through the following link: We welcome interested organizations to visit our website and read more

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Syrian funds

Some great news! Generous gifts expand Fund’s impact.

The PEC Syria fund was opened in September 2019 and is administered by The County Foundation.  It’s purpose is to assist Syrian immigrants to the County to settle in their new community and ease that process.  Initiated by Carlyn Moulton, Robin Baranyi and Barry Davidson, the Fund has already delivered three grants

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How cucamelons are connecting County Food Depot volunteers

So…it’s a cucumber that looks like a minature watermelon? It’s not every day that a wee fruit makes headlines but here you have it! In fact, cucamelon plants are bringing delight into several Picton residents’ lives and gardens this summer. Here’s how it all happened. When residents started isolating in

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2020 Grads recognized in troubled times

In living memory, students graduating from school have never had to face the trauma that has been exacted upon them by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Halted and interrupted classes, switching to online learning, and social isolation have added to normal anxieties for any graduating class.  So we are delighted to see our grads

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Significant Huff Family Help for Health Care

At a time when our hospitals need them the most, a well known local family has stepped up to help in any way they can. Today, amid the current pandemic, the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation celebrated a significant donation from The Huff Family Fund, a fund managed by

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