Statement on Inclusion

The County Foundation supports and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the entire organization with contractors, staff, volunteers and in our service and granting to our community and the organizations that receive support. The County Foundation believes in creating opportunities for our employees, contractors, volunteers, and grant recipients to succeed in their work.

The County Foundation celebrates the unique differences, diverse backgrounds and experiences of all employees, contractors, volunteers, and those of the organizations receiving funding. We strive to foster a culture of inclusion and accessibility for all.

It is our expectation that our leaders, contractors, volunteers, stakeholders, grant recipients, and partners share our values where a commitment to diversity and inclusion is not only a corporate responsibility, but also an individual one. As grant recipients we expect they will provide a workplace and perform their role in the community in a manner that is free from harassment, sexual misconduct and any discrimination, stereotypes, or generalizations based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.