Become a Volunteer

Whether your interest lies in becoming a board member, committee member, part of a working group or action team, please contact us so we can effectively connect you to groups needing your inputs and efforts.

If your interest is piqued, and you feel you can contribute somehow, as a volunteer. The following is a synopsis of factors to consider in making your decision to volunteer to best match the needs of The County Foundation and your unique knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Contact us at
outlining your interests and background.

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Board Member

The Board of Directors are a working Board comprised of volunteers who meet approximately  monthly to oversee and guide the operations of TCF.  Members contribute financially and with their time, to ensure our Vision and Mission are vigorously pursued with effective governance and vigilant oversight.  Member selection is guided by Board skill requirements at a point in time, and requirements will vary according to focus areas being addressed.

At this time we have needs in the areas of:

  • Funds Development
    • executive marketing strategies,
    • prospecting knowledge and skills
  • Granting
    • familiarity with County organizations
    • open-mindedness
    • objective
    • analytical
    • knowledge and skills
  • Communications
    • writing and editing skills
    • tech and social media skills
  • Governance
    • experience with policies and procedures in not-for-profit organizations
  • Community Impact
    • participation on steering committees,
    • team support for working groups

Become a Committee Member

Board Committees and other Committees provide good introduction opportunities for volunteers to help TCF, while learning what we do and how. Several committees are underway, most meeting on a monthly basis or less:

  • Governance Committee
  • Funds Committee
  • Grants Committee
  • Fiscal Oversight Committee
  • Community Impact Committee
  • Communications Committee

Terms of Reference for Committees can be provided for more specific information in a particular area of interest, tailored to volunteer talents.

Volunteer with Working Groups & Action Teams

Community Impact Activities and requisite Work Groups are informed by the needs surfaced in Vital Signs Reports.  Three key areas identified in The County and currently being worked on by TCF are: Learning, Transportation and Food Security. 

The initial Working Group has already evolved to a Collective (several committed organizations working to a common agenda), and branded themselves Greater Than County Youth Collective. With an operating website up and running, this Collective has many programs directed towards and by Youth operating in schools, the Recreation Outreach Centre, and Prince Edward Learning Centre. Their progress towards their Vision and Mission is well underway.

Formerly known as “Getting Around”. A four-year grant is enabling this Collective to proceed with its pilot project aimed at developing an integrated transportation system in PEC that is sustainable, barrier-free, and affordable. Led by the Municipality, TCF continues to facilitate and convene meetings of the group (Deseronto Transit, Quinte Access, Taxi companies, the Municipality) on an as-needed basis.

The 25 community organizations in this Working Group have developed a Theory of Change (TOC) which outlines strategies and actions needed to address Food Insecurity. There is no quick fix. The journey will be long, with much to be done.  Under a grant received early 2019 from the Rural Ontario Institute and matched by eight strategic partner organizations in our community, a Community Demonstration Project was launched. It’s a pilot project, aiming at coordination of existing agency efforts and deeper engagement of our community, especially those with lived experience.

Three Action Teams are underway:

  1. Awareness Team: building community awareness of and about Food Insecurity. This team communicates through press, radio, and social media, around issues of Food Insecurity and its impacts, stigmas, and help locations.
  2. Access Team: working to improve access to affordable nutritious food for all in need in our community. This team has many activities underway at Community Gardens, Food Banks in Wellington and Picton, cooking classes in various local kitchens, community dinners around the County (some now on vacation until September), food supply arrangements to increase supply and storage, and emergency food supply. Food To Share and the Food Banks are leading this effort, with many volunteers supporting their leadership.
  3. Education Team: developing education and skills around and about food. This team addresses using food properly and being environmentally conscious of food production impacts and use.  This team is led by Prince Edward Learning Centre.

Volunteer With Our Working Group Partners

Our working group partnershave their own organizations, each seeking volunteers from time to time. We would be pleased to link any prospective interested volunteers to an organization that might be a good fit with their talents.