Bronskill Group Fund identifies and makes grants to two local organizations

The Bronskill Group Fund  is donor-directed and was created in 2019 to anticipate and respond to future funding needs of various charitable organizations within and across Prince Edward County.  Acknowledging that probably more so during the current public health crisis, funding and resources are more critical than ever, inaugural grants have been awarded to two local organizations.

Choosing among the broad spectrum of community needs takes time, deep thinking, and wrestling with the heart.  The result is that grants were awarded to The Recreation Outreach Centre (ROC), and to Alternatives For Women.  Both organizations have experienced severe operational challenges in raising funds and delivering services  during Covid-19.

The ROC received a grant to support youth outreach expense issues, and Executive Director Darlene Thompson responded “Wow, that is a generous grant in support of our work.  Thank you.  Currently our needs are for Food Security and Transportation costs as we reach out to help youth across the County before we are forced indoors once more”.

Alternatives for Women Exec Director Leah Morgan said “That’s fantastic! We would definitely direct this donation to our Kiosan program (which is our Second Stage Shelters), as it is not funded by the Ministry.   Our 6 unit apartment building needs several repairs, specifically roof and plumbing issues. The grant will be very helpful in covering these expenses”. 

With so many fund raising opportunities curtailed by health and safety constraints due to Covid-19, our community charities are feeling pressure, anxiety, and valid concerns.  Out thanks to the Bronskill Group Fund donors for helping at this critical time, and for permitting The County Foundation to facilitate and approve their granting processes.

The County Foundation was established in 2008 and since that time has facilitated over $2 million in grants to Prince Edward County organizations, charities and community groups.  If you are interested in establishing a Fund with The County Foundation, please contact the Foundation’s Executive Director at  Connecting the County.  Stay healthy, stay safe.