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Fundraising Goal: $225,000
Raised so far: $204,005 received from 197 donors 90%
COVID-19 Funds Disbursed
$179,395 disbursed - about $29,500 remaining 87%

Purpose of the PEC Helping PEC COVID-19 Fund

Providing financial resources to organizations and groups that are delivering food and health support to vulnerable Prince Edward County communities during COVID-19.

Qualified donees include:

  • Existing foodbanks
  • Other local food initiatives and
  • Groups providing support in Prince Edward County to areas connected to Food and Health, including workers and patients

How to make a donation to the COVID-19 Fund

COVID-19 is impacting lives and livelihoods throughout Prince Edward County. Help us help people during the pandemic. Donations of all sizes are welcomed.
We accept donations in many forms. Please find examples below. If you have questions about donating to the COVID-19 Fund, creating a Fund or supporting the Foundation, please contact executive director Jefferson Gilbert at to discuss. 
Credit Card – Canada Helps
Donate using a credit card through Canada Helps.
Interac e-Transfer
We accept Interac e-Transfers sent to
We can accept donations by cheque mailed our office. However, at this time, to limit the possibility of infection, other electronic donation methods are preferred. Please mail cheques to: The County Foundation, Suite 103, 280 Main Street, Picton, ON  K0K 2T0
If you wish to donate marketable securities to this Fund, or to the Foundation, please contact Joanne Coker at BMO Nesbitt Burns and CC: The County Foundation at  Tax receipts are provided on the market value. Joanne Coker, Wealth Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns BMO Picton 115 Main Street Picton,  ON K0K 2T0 613-476-9794 or 1-800-647-3998
Foreign Exchange
If you wish to donate foreign exchanges ($100 or more) to this Fund, or the Foundation, please contact to make arrangements. Tax receipts provided on the converted value in Canadian Dollars. 
Existing Donor Directed Funds
If you or your organization has an existing Fund with The County Foundation and would like to redirect some of the funding to the PEC Helping PEC Covid-19 Fund you may do so by contacting executive director Jefferson Gilbert at to discuss. Thank you for your consideration. Together, we are providing financial resources to organizations and groups that are delivering food and health support to vulnerable Prince Edward County communities during COVID-19.

Thanks to the Donors

January 19 – We sincerely thank the over 200 individual and business donors – many multiple times – who have contributed to the PEC Helping PEC COVID-19 Fund

Updated on January 19, 2020

  • The TCF Community Fund
  • Cheryl Anderson
  • Peter & Joanna Anderson
  • David Anstis
  • Ron & Jane Aston
  • Linda Austin
  • Dawn Ayer and Braydon Scully
  • Valerie Barclay
  • Bruce Barker
  • Ian Barker
  • Karen Barklay
  • Brian Beiles
  • Rita Berzins
  • Book N Brunch
  • Rick and JoAnn Briand
  • Marianne Bremner
  • Aron Brightman
  • Brookfield
  • David Brown
  • Stuart Brown
  • Richard Byers
  • Gary & BJ Campbell
  • Mary & Robert Campbell
  • Lindsay Casey
  • Pat & Michael Chorney
  • Maura Christie
  • Patricia Coe
  • Cath Collins
  • Robert Cooke
  • Mary Corbett
  • John Coutu
  • Sarah Crawford & David Kirkwood
  • Elizabeth Crombie
  • Lyn Cummins
  • Janet Curran
  • Rick & Debbie Dainard
  • Janet Dalicandro
  • Phil & Christine Dawson
  • Jane & Tony Dean
  • Anna de Boef
  • Pieter de boer
  • Paul Denison
  • John & Bonnie Drechsler
  • John & Jane Dufour
  • Anne Dumbrille
  • Sheila Eagen
  • Brian Eden
  • Karin Ehrentraut
  • Ingrid Ellis
  • Robert & Judy F…
  • Marilyn & Don Farrington Foundation
  • The Peter Fleming Healthy Food Fund (Diane Rhéaume)
  • Mike Foley
  • Kerry Ford
  • Susan Fowler
  • Danielle & David Frum
  • Karen Fuller
  • Karin Fuller
  • Luc Gadbois
  • Alison & Jefferson Gilbert
  • Christine & Andrew Gillingham
  • Gillingham Brewing Company
  • John Gooding
  • Elyse Graff
  • David & Doreen Griffith
  • Mary Grimley
  • Lesley Hadrill
  • Margaret Hallward
  • Sarah Hartholt
  • Martha Héder
  • John Hill
  • Martin Hill
  • Pat Hillas-Chorney
  • Daryl Holien
  • Borys Holowacz
  • Ashley Howard
  • Patricia Howard
  • Michele Hozer
  • Gail Huxley
  • Tim and Gail Huxley
  • Aleska Hartog
  • In Honour of Steve O’Brien
  • In Honour of Catherine O’Brien
  • In Honour of Laurie Gruer
  • In Honour of Debbie Eyton and Paul Edmonds
  • In Honour of Raymond & Susan Zaback
  • In Honour of Jane and Dick Shannon
  • Ofelia Isabel & Jeff Mackintosh
  • Stuart Hoegner
  • The Huff Family Fund
  • David Jackson
  • Maureen Jackson
  • Andrew & Pronica Janikowski
  • Bert Jenkins
  • Fahim Kaderdina
  • Johnsea Holdings Limited
  • John & Dianne Hopper
  • Robert Johnson
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Lynda Keeler
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Judy Kent
  • Rosemary Kent
  • Margaret Kirk
  • Peter & Sonya Koch Foundation
  • Bruce Laidlaw
  • Elizabeth Lancaster
  • Kimberley Landers
  • Elizabeth Learmonth
  • Brian Legere
  • Don Leslie
  • Mad Dog Gallery
  • Linda MacQueen
  • Gail MacRae
  • Sandi & Jim Macgregor
  • Michael Mason
  • Karole Marois
  • Barbara Mason
  • Myrna Mather
  • Joan McCalla
  • Catherine & Paul McFeeters
  • Alan & Annette McIntosh
  • Carolyn McGowran
  • Patricia McKay
  • Robert McKittrick
  • The Meeting House Sandbanks
  • Stuart Mercier
  • Virginia Mitchell
  • Francis Morahan
  • Vanessa Morcom
  • Penny Morris
  • Lynda Mungall
  • Rick Nelson
  • Cheryl Norsworthy
  • Philip Norton
  • Wendy Norton
  • Karen Palmer
  • Barry Pinsky
  • Colleen Phoenix and Kelly’s Zoom Yoga
  • Judy Plomer
  • Prince Edward County Accommodation Association
  • PEC Midget Kings
  • PEC Slow Food Fund
  • PEC Staff Fundraising Campaign
  • The Prince Edward County T-Shirt Company
  • Janet Reader Day
  • Angus Rennie
  • Bill Roberts
  • Tracey Routledge
  • Celia Sage
  • Sue Barclay & Sam Serrano
  • Ricki Sharpe
  • Ricki and Steven Sharpe
  • Greg Sherman
  • Karlee Silver
  • Mary Sinclair
  • Indrani Singh
  • Gordon Snee
  • Gregory Sorbara
  • South Marysburg Recreation Committee
  • Lorene Stanwick
  • Nancy Stonelake
  • Ken Strom
  • David Sutton
  • Sylvia Swiekatun
  • Susan Tessier
  • Joanne Toews
  • Heather Remain
  • Larry Tayler
  • Joanne Toews
  • Jim Vince
  • Viniyoga Connection
  • Geralyn Walmsley
  • Tony Walton
  • Jim & Margaret Watson
  • Margaret Whittleton
  • Lolly & Karen Wilkinson
  • Helene & Bill Wilmart-Collard
  • Jack Wright
  • Anonymous x 28

COVID-19 Fund grant recipients who are helping Prince Edward County

As of January20, 2020

  • Picton Food Bank (Picton United Church)- General Donation
  • Foodbank Wellington & District Storehouse – General Donation
  • The County Food Depot – Links here:  1, 2, 3, 4
  • Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation Covid-19 Fund (from The Huff Family Fund) – Link here
  • Kidney Foundation of Canada – Kingston and Area | Transportation Relief to Dialysis
  • Picton Food Bank (Picton United Church)- Portion of shared Food to Share Grocery Bill
  • Foodbank Wellington & District Storehouse – Portion of shared Food to Share Grocery Bill
  • Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation – Food for Learning
  • PEC Family Health Team – Maternal Infant Centre
  • Foodbank Wellington & District Storehouse – COVID-19 Meal Program for Migrant Farm Workers
  • Four small grants were made to support the Municipal Recovery Grant Programs for 4 of the 33 approved grants that were in the area of Food Security and/or Health.
  • PEC Arts Council – County Kids Read – Mental Health Support

2020-21 Deadlines for COVID-19 Fund grant applications

  • February 15, 2021
  • December 15 – Apply here
  • November 1
  • September 21
  • July 20
  • May 12

Additional dates may be added. Subject to change.

May 5, 2020.  Goal expanded. Given some donor directed funds through this Fund the goal has risen to $225,000. Great support Prince Edward County!

May 4, 2020. A donation, in partnership with the PEC Helping PEC COVID-19 Fund and The Huff Family Fund, was made to the COVID-19 Fund of the Prince Edward Memorial Hospital Foundation for use across the four hospital system of Quinte Health Care. Thank you to Catharine and Lanny Huff for their continued generosity.

April 24, 2020. Application form now available to apply for a grant from the PEC Helping PEC COVID-19 Fund.  Apply here.  

April 16, 2020. The County Food Depot was successful in securing $80,000 from the Community Food Centres Canada in Partnership with Food to Share.  Will support The County Food Depot and the local food banks. Not part of this Fund specifically, just related to Food Insecurity.

March 23, 2020. The County Foundation Board of Directors met and established a new fund to support the broader Prince Edward County community during this period of uncertainty. The Board committed the first $15,000 toward its goal of $100,000 at this meeting.

See Municipal acknowledgement of establishment of new Fund here.