Farewell, with Fondness and Gratitude

Diane Milan was our Vital Signs Coordinator for Five years and resigned that position at the end of 2019. Diane joined us after three community issues and challenges which we could impact were identified In our 2013 Vital Signs Report: Food Insecurity; Learning; Transportation.

Bringing together Work Groups to address each of these identified points of focus, Diane convened meetings, nurtured a sense of purpose, and kept informed, the members of each Work Group. Work Group members were from different County and some regional organizations plus some individual citizens, all with an interest in addressing these social challenges. Initially relationships within each Group were few, and trust among participants needed to be built. With patience, calmness, and encouragement, Diane helped each Group build relationships and develop the trust to emerge from being an interested collaborative into an effective collective. While doing this, developing, filing, and reporting on grants became an important part of her work as funding for the activities grew.

Collectives are groups who work together on a common goal with common measures to evaluate progress. Today, each Collective for Food Insecurity, Learning, and Transportation, operates at a different level. The Food Insecurity group formed The Food Collective in 2019 while undertaking a Community Demonstration Project with a grant from the Rural Ontario Institute.. The Learning Collective evolved into Greater Than, which now has its own Stewardship Table, active projects, and website. The Transportation Collective has an approved project Underway and under Municipal leadership to implement it’s business plan to improve transportation in the County.

Diane was a key thread throughout the evolution, the growth, of these entities, now involving 59 partner organizations and about 100 individuals.

In her farewell comments Diane stated that her time with the County was rewarding and interesting, and acknowledged the time and effort of everyone in building the relationships and trust that lead to performance on the ground. Diane also stated that she and husband Bruce were so very grateful for being able to live here, and this was her way of giving back to the community.

Diane has other interests she wants to pursue. We wish her well. We sincerely thank her for her contributions to The County Foundation and the people of Prince Edward County, and for her accomplishments. “You make a difference Diane – thanks for what you do”.