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The Transportation Survey

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This survey should take you between 5 – 10 minutes to complete. It is anonymous if you complete it online. You do not need to share your contact information if you don’t want to.

In 2013 The County Community Foundation (CCF) created a report called Vital Signs. Vital Signs told us that transportation is an issue for some people living in PEC. The CCF gathered people from many services, businesses and the municipality to begin to look at the issue of transportation locally.

A lack of transportation can make getting to work, school, daily shopping or even medical appointments difficult.

We need to know how you travel now, what’s working well for you, what transportation struggles you have, if any, and if you would use a more public form of transportation system if it was available.

We will be using the information we gather to build on the services and transportation options already available in our community and to inform the creation of a plan to help people who live in Prince Edward County get where they need or want to go, affordably and conveniently.

Thank you for your participation.


Take the Survey NOW!