For Individuals and Families

Your gift is about you and your support for the causes that matter to you

We have a range of giving options to help you give confidently and efficiently.

You can set up a Donor-Advised Fund which allows you to participate in giving grants to local organizations which are focussed on the issues which interest you

You can make a gift to The County Foundation’s PEC Fund to support the community broadly.

As a donor, you’ll have access to many charitable giving resources including our staff and Vital Signs information. We offer timely, personal advice and assistance about charitable giving and any questions you may have.

Getting started is easy.

  1. Decide when you want to donate.
    • Donate immediately to an existing fund, including the Foundation’s PEC Fund.
    • Set up a new endowment fund immediately, and begin giving grants right away.
    • Set up a new endowment, but contribute funds over time until you have enough to begin granting.
    • Give later through your estate.
  2. Choose how you would like to be involved.
    • Give a specific gift, or gifts, to one or more existing funds in a one-time donation.
    • Set up a Donor-Advised Fund. You will be able to make grants to any registered Canadian charity, and have the option to change your wishes at any time.
    • Contribute to an existing Designated Fund, or create a new one. Your chosen charities will be granted to in perpetuity.
  3. Determine what you want to donate and what method to use.

We’re happy to help!