The Community Justice Fund

The Community Justice Fund provides grants to registered charities in the County which offer recreational or educational programs for young people, including programs and initiatives which educate on risky and/or offending behaviour, positively influence both adult and young offenders, and promote community safety. Grants will be given to organizations which deliver these programs to County residents. Grants will be provided for projects, not the operations of the organization. Only staff costs associated with a program offering would be considered, not general staffing expenditures. Applicants which are being considered for funding may be contacted to arrange a site visit which will be part of the evaluation of your application.

Applications are now closed.

How to Apply

Organizational Information

Key Information Required (as attachments)

  • A copy of the Application Form
  • Please describe the organization’s overall Vision / Mission
  • Financial Information: Please attach a copy of your most recent financial statements to this package.
  • Please attach a list of current Board of Directors members and where they reside.
  • Please attach your organization’s current policy regarding maintaining up-to-date vulnerable sector checks for staff and volunteers if your project involves working with anyone in the vulnerable sector (e.g. Children, seniors, people with physical challenges).

Charitable Status

In order to be eligible for this grant, your organization or a project partner must be a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act. Qualified Donees include registered charities, municipalities, and there are other categories. If you are uncertain about your charitable status, you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency at:
  • Are you a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act? If yes, please give your charitable business number
  • If you are not a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act, are you working in partnership with a Qualified Donee? If yes, please provide your partner organization’s name and charitable business number.
    • Please provide a letter from your partner organization which details its support for, and involvement in, this project and explaining why the organization agrees to function as the qualified donee. This letter must be attached to your application

Project Information

The Community Justice Fund will support the following types of projects, in order of preference:

  • projects that provide recreational or educational opportunities for young people;
  • projects that educate about risky and/or offending behaviour;
  • projects that positively influence both adult and young offenders;
  • projects that promote community safety.

Note: Only applications for projects will be considered; operational funding is not eligible. Staffing may form some part of the request. However, it must be directly related to the delivery of the project and be a new expense associated with the project.

Project Description

Please describe your project in 1,000 words or less. Project description should include:

  • the location(s) where the project will be delivered;
  • which of the above project type(s) best describe your proposal;
  • projects that provide recreational or educational opportunities for young people;
  • projects that educate about risky and/or offending behaviour;
  • projects that positively influence both adult and young offenders;
  • projects that promote community safety.
  • key objectives; outcomes and expected impacts of the project;
  • other organizations involved and their specific roles;
  • key project leaders and their history with this type of work;
  • connection to community need;
  • the project schedule;
  • the project budget (be very specific about where the money requested under this grant will be spent; and what money is coming from other grants and which granting bodies are providing or application has been made to get support.)
  • Any other information that you feel the Grants Committee can use to better understand this project and the value to PEC residents.

Final Report

A post project report is a requirement of this grant. It must be received within one year of the grant be announced; or two months following the end of the project – whatever is sooner. Post Report template is below. Please include these:

Completion of the Project

State that the project is complete or explain if not and why.

Impact & Overall Result of the Project

Provide as much detail as possible; numbers; anything that will illuminate the value of the project to the people of Prince Edward County. Discuss how it met a community need. Any quotes or stakeholder/user impact statements (if applicable) are excellent.

Promotion of the Project

Provide what the recipient has done to promote the investment by TCF. Please share any print; web materials; that you have received.

Evaluation of the Project

If possible. What did the recipient organization do to evaluate the investment by TCF.

Final Project Budget

Details are required. No receipts necessary. Please maintain them in the event there is a CRA audit. Some proposed sub-headings are below.

  • In-Kind
  • On-going Expenses
  • Purchase price
  • Related Costs

Applications are due on April 15, 2019 at noon.

Application Form

It is advised that you contact The County Foundation well in advance of the submission deadline to discuss eligibility and the application process.

Executive Director
The County Foundation (preferred)
613-476-7901 x.218

Grants will be decided by a Grants Committee of The County Foundation.

Please submit your application to:
The County Foundation
280 Main Street, Suite 103
Picton, ON K0K 2T0 (preferred)