The Huff Family Fund

The Huff Family has made extensive donations to worthy causes in all corners of the Quinte region and their home community of Prince Edward County receives the lion’s share of their generosity.
And perhaps the biggest legacy is the announcement of The Huff Family Fund that was established in 2017 and launched in 2018. The Huff Family Fund will encourage and support the incredible work that our many community organizations pursue to make Prince Edward County so special. It is through this commitment that The Huff Family Fund was launched. Over what is anticipated to be the next 15 years, and starting in the Autumn of 2018, there will be a series of grants offered in a broad range of areas. These will help provide the qualifying organizations with the essential financial support needed to complement their missions, their hard work, their volunteers, and so much more. The Huff Family Fund is a commitment to the FUTURE of Prince Edward County. It is about the children, families, and the challenges that many face. It is about helping within our community. It will focus on projects and programs based in Prince Edward County, serving Prince Edward County people.

Purpose of The Huff Family Fund

  • The Huff Family Fund will support organizations and institutions, through grants, that provide projects and programs that support in these areas:
  • Addiction and Mental Health
  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Culture
  • Health Care and Human Services
  • Housing Issues
  • Vital Signs Priority Areas as defined by TCF Vital Signs Reports, including:
    • Education/Learning;
    • Food Security; and
    • Transportation

Why The County Foundation

The County Foundation is one of 191 community foundation across Canada offering leadership and funding to support initiatives that benefit our communities.

As a registered charity, we provide the citizens of Prince Edward County with opportunities to improve and invest in virtually every aspect of community life.

The Huff Family Fund was established at The County Foundation after a number of years of Catharine and Lanny, and continuing to be, Visionary Patrons for the Foundation.

Do You Want to Contribute to the The Huff Family Fund?

Your support is most welcome and there are many ways to become part of the movement that is making Prince Edward County strong and vibrant for everybody.

  • Join as a Visionary Patron
  • Contribute directly to the Huff Family Fund through Canada Helps
  • Mail Direct

How to Apply for Grants

The Huff Family Fundprovides grants to registered charities in the County which offer programs and services to the citizens of Prince Edward County. Only projects that benefit Prince Edward County will be considered under this Fund.

This grant is a matching one. For each requested dollar there must be at least one matching or in-kind contribution of the same amount. Volunteer time, and other grants are eligible for matching purposes, but must be verifiable. So if the request from The Huff Family Fund is for $7,200 then there must be at least $7,200 in matching and in-kind.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY October 29 (note change), 2018 at 12:00 noon local time. Grants will be announced in Late November/Early December 2018.

The TCF strongly encourages applicants to have a pre-submission consultation on focus eligibility and to discuss the grants process.


An in-person Application Workshop where questions can be answered and eligibility confirmed will be held on October 10, 2018 at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm at the Edward Building, Suite 103 Board Room, 280 Main Street, Picton. Grants will be decided by a Grants Committee of The County Foundation. There will be approximately $40,000 available in 2018; and $100,000 in 2019. No individual grant will exceed $20,000 in 2018. Multi-year grant requests may be considered. The County Foundation, may if in their view see a better fit with another Fund they administer have it considered.

Eligibility – Charitable Status

In order to be eligible for this grant, your organization or a project partner must be a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act. Qualified Donees include registered charities, municipalities, and there are other categories. If you are uncertain about your charitable status, you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency at:

  • Are you a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act? If yes, please give your charitable business number in your letter/memo.
  • If you are not a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act, are you working in partnership with a Qualified Donee? Provide the name of the qualified donee and their charitable business number in your letter/memo.
  • Please provide a letter from your partner organization which details its support for, and involvement in, this Project and explaining why the organization agrees to function as the qualified donee. This letter must be included.

Project Information

The Huff Family Fund will support the following types of local initiatives and projects, in order of preference:

  • Expansion of service or creation of new programming/project that allows organization to do more for their target group;
  • Inputs to allow projects to serve (eg. Purchase of animal food to improve animal welfare; or food to support cooking classes for a vulnerable sector)
  • projects that educate and support sectors of the community in need;
  • Evaluation of an existing project/organization to position further funding possibilities;
  • Small capital projects; facility improvements that build organizational capacity to better serve;
  • Ongoing operational costs, in unique or certain circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: Debt financing will not be considered; nor will using the grant as part of a larger capital campaign (and not spending the money in the year it is granted). Staffing may form some part of the request. However, it must be directly related to the delivery of the project and/or be a new expense associated with the project.

Project Application Requirements

Please describe your project in 1,000 words or less Letter or Memo. Project description should include:
  • the challenge or the opportunity that can be made better as a result of a Huff Family Fund Grant.
  • the location(s) where the project will be delivered;
  • which of the Areas of Interest best describe your proposal and tell how it connects:
    • Addiction and Mental Health
    • Animal Welfare
    • Arts and Culture
    • Health Care and Human Services
    • Housing Issues
    • Vital Signs Priority Areas as defined by TCF Vital Signs Reports, including
      • Education/Learning;
      • Food Security; and
      • Transportation
  • key objectives; outcomes and expected impacts of the project and how you will measure the success.
  • connection to community need;
  • How you would propose recognizing The Huff Family Fund and The County Foundation.
In addition the following should be provided:
  • the project schedule/timelines;
  • the project budget(be very specific about where the money requested under this grant will be spent). And please show the matching funds or equivalent (volunteer hours; in-kind; existing funding/revenue; other grants, etc). A template is available, but it is not necessary to use.
  • If you are requesting funding for more than one year please include the budget for the years requested. An annual update will be required before a subsequent year of funding advanced.
  • Partnership Agreement letter if you are not a qualified donee and are working with one.
Please attach your organization’s current policy regarding maintaining up-to-date vulnerable sector checks for staff and volunteers if your project involves working with anyone in the vulnerable sector (e.g. Children, seniors, people with physical challenges).

Post Project Report

A post project report is a requirement of this grant. It must be received within one year of the grant being announced; or two months following the end of the project – whatever is sooner. Post Report template is below. Please include these:

Completion of the Project

State the project is complete or explain if not and why.

Impact & Overall Result of the Project

Provide as much detail as possible; numbers; anything that will illuminate the value of the project to the people of Prince Edward County. Discuss how it met a community need. Any quotes or stakeholder/user impact statements (if applicable) are excellent.

Promotion of the Project

Provide what the recipient has done to promote the investment by The Huff Family Fund and The County Foundation. Please share any print; web materials; that you have received.

Evaluation of the Project

What did the recipient organization do to evaluate the investment.

Final Project Budget

Details are required. No receipts necessary. Please maintain them in the event there is a CRA audit. Some proposed sub-headings are below.

  • Purchase price
  • Related Costs
  • In-Kind
  • On-going Expenses

Applications must be received by October 28, 2018 at 12:00 noon local time.

Please submit your application to:
The County Foundation
280 Main Street, Suite 103
Picton ON K0K 2T0

For further assistance, please contact

Application Form

Budget Template Form