The County Foundation Fund

People Engaged in Community FundThe County Foundation Fund allows The County Foundation to be responsive and supportive of worthy community projects that require some financial support. As we grow, our ability to fund grows. Please ensure your application keeps this in mind.

Geographic Area Served

The geographic area covered by the grant making of the PEC Fund is the Municipality of Prince Edward County.

IMPORTANT: 2019 Grant Information & Timelines

Focus: Projects that support Vital Signs Priority Areas will be considered. Applications open March 1.

Special conditions: No matching required

Project Size: Generally between $1,000 and $5,000

Application Deadline: Applications open March 1 and close April 15th @ noon.

Congratulations to the 2017 & 2018 Recipients

Reaching for Rainbows – $5,000. Reaching for Rainbows wanted to expand their service by 25% and needed to add an extra day to the program to give the older girls the benefit of greater exposure to the skill-building, nurturing environment offered. The costs associated with that expansion included food and materials and related compensation for staffing the extra time.

Prince Edward Arts Council / County Kids Read – $2,000: To continue to provide, through their partner programs of agencies that work with high need groups, the much needed board books that are harder to acquire, but particularly important given the age and the beginning of good literacy habits. County Kids Reads works with more than a dozen partners including Food Banks; Reaching For Rainbows; Public Library; and others.

Picton Community Ramp Project – $3,096: A youth led project, student Madelyn Bardell, and her classmates will work with local Picton businesses to provide accessible ramps into their stores in partnership with the Stop Gap Foundation. This program exists in other locations including Belleville, but in many larger centres too.

Young Imaginations – $5,000: The creation of a Youth Choir in PEC that will undertake a specific learning project, Canada Story and Son Explorer and public concert.

Eligibility for Grant Recipients

The Applicant must be a Qualified Donee as defined by the Income Tax Act, or be working in collaboration with a Qualified Donee. Qualified Donees include registered charities, municipalities, school and universities and other categories. If you are uncertain about your charitable status, you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency at:
  • Projects must be of benefit to residents of Prince Edward County.
  • The applicant organization must have a Board of Directors (or a well-defined accountable committee) based in the geographic area defined above.
  • Projects must have a well-defined purpose and take place within one year of receiving the grant.
  • Grants may be awarded for the start-up of a long-term project if there is a realistic plan for ongoing evaluation and for long-term viability.
  • All applications involving activities within primary and secondary schools must be accompanied by a Letter of Permission from the relevant School Board(s).
Successful projects will be characterized by many of the following traits:
  • They build on existing community strengths and assets.
  • They respond to clearly identified local needs and provide demonstrable enrichment to the community.
  • They use resources efficiently and effectively.
  • They involve meaningful partnerships.
  • They strive for a significant and/or lasting impact.
  • They benefit a wide audience.
  • They show innovation, creativity, proactive thinking, and a degree of risk.
  • The County Foundation’s Vital Signs report and the Vital Signs: Moving Forward Report provide a snapshot of some identified needs in our community.
Grants will not be given to:
  • Cover deficits or retire debts.
  • Provide endowment funds.
  • Sectarian, religious, or political entities or for such purposes.
  • Annual fund drives for sustaining support.
  • Support the operating expenses of established organizations or programs (including predictable replacement of office equipment) Note: An exception may be made if the organization is experiencing growth and trying to build capacity of the organization. Please contact the TCF prior to the beginning of the application process to see if you may qualify.
Our preference is to not give to:
  • Renovation or capital construction costs.
  • Individuals (an exception may be made in extraordinary cases where supported by an intermediary organization that is a Qualified Donee. Projects by groups of community members (eg. Artist collective) who are not officially registered charities/non-profits can be sponsored by charitable organizations (eg. Arts councils). These kinds of sponsorships will not affect the sponsoring organization’s eligibility to apply for their own projects and a sponsoring organization may require an administration fee of a maximum of 5 percent (5%) of received funds to administer the disbursement of funds. Please make sure you have contacted the TCF to ensure eligibility.)
  • Fundraising activities.
  • Ongoing operating expenses (a request for operations must demonstrate that it will not become dependent on the grant annually.)
  • Day to day administrative costs.
  • Preference is given to new initiatives but a promising program may receive more than one grant in its early years provided there is evidence that the program is developing successfully. An established program may receive a grant when it faces a new opportunity or an unexpected problem.

How to Apply

Application Process

Carefully read the Guidelines and Criteria above and determine if your organization/project meets the requirements and suggestions.

Contact us with any questions you have prior to beginning the application process.

Note: Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact The County Foundation well in advance of the application submission deadline to discuss eligibility and the application package.

Preference will be given to applicants for initiatives that provide:

  • A long term plan and vision.
  • An innovative response to an identified need in Prince Edward County.

In addition, the full application must include the following:

  1. A list of credible and competent leaders for the initiative, including names and current contact information (mailing address, telephone number and email address), as well as the applicant’s Charitable Business Number.
  2. A list of project partners, if applicable, and a description of their roles in the project.
  3. If you are not a Qualified Donee under the Income Tax Act, and you are working in partnership with a Qualified Donee:
    • please provide your partner organization’s name and charitable business number.
    • please provide a letter from your partner organization which details its support for, and involvement in, this project and explaining why the organization agrees to function as the Qualified Donee. This letter must be attached to your application.
  4. A project budget showing all revenue and all expense line items.
  5. A list of other existing or potential funding sources.
  6. A detailed description of the project, including:
    • The project’s long-term plan and vision.
    • The need that the project will meet in the community.
    • How this project is an innovative response to that need.
  7. A detailed description of how the project will be executed, including:
    • Criteria you will use to measure your project’s success. This will be used to assess the project’s success.
    • A description of another project of this scale that you have completed successfully, if applicable.

Deliver an original in person or by mail, to be received by the posted deadline to:
The County Foundation
Suite 103, 280 Main Street
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0
or deliver electronically to (preferred)

Where we desire additional information or clarification on your application, we may request a site visit or have follow up questions which will be a part of the evaluation.


If you are awarded a grant, you will be required to sign a Grant Agreement Form outlining the Terms and Conditions of the award.

Upon completion of your project, you will be required to complete a Final Report to be submitted to The County Foundation. A follow-up visit by our Grant Selection Team may also be required. The Final Report is intended to help you evaluate the initiative and to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our grants on enhancing and strengthening the quality of life in our community.


For further assistance, please contact