Peter Fleming & Bill Roberts Food & Farm Bursary

Each year The Peter Fleming & Bill Roberts Food & Farm Bursary will be awarded, in the amount of $2,500, to a graduating student pursuing a post-secondary diploma or degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Geography
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Environmental Science/Studies

The goal is to develop skills, through your studies, that can be applied to areas including: rural planning; agronomy; farm specific studies; environmental studies; food production and/or management. Agriculture and the rural economy are diverse, and how you plan to be part of it is important for this Bursary.

HOWEVER, the intent of the Award is to be for those graduates ultimately wanting to return to PEC and being part of building their community.

The student will have either be living in Prince Edward County or have been raised and schooled in Prince Edward County. Preference will go to a graduating Prince Edward Collegiate Institute student, but any Quinte area student living in PEC may apply.

How to Apply

Application should include the following component pieces:

  • A written piece (max 1,000 words) on the contribution you hope to make back to your PEC Community on the completion of your studies. Why coming back to PEC is a goal; what opportunities your studies will open for you, your family, the broader community. Spell out Tell us about the program and courses you plan to take.
  • A copy of your resume cited existing links to the rural community, agriculture, your interest in food/farming and rural issues; community involvement. Share successes.
  • Please include a copy of your most recent transcript showing satisfactory academic results.
  • Name and contact information for two community members. Either a teacher; a community member; somebody from the Agricultural Community or rural planning who can validate your contributions.
  • And include a copy of the confirmation of acceptance into the school and program that matches this Bursary as outlined above.
  • Also please complete and sign the attached Application Form.

Please send your application to:
The County Foundation
Suite 103, 280 Main Street
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0

You can also email your application to

Should you have any questions about this application, please contact:
Executive Director
The County Foundation

The deadline for applications is May 30 each year.

Announcements will be made by June 25th or in co-ordination with the successful winners Annual Spring Graduation Ceremony.

The Peter Fleming & Bill Roberts Food & Farm Bursary is made possible through a donation by a friend, colleague, and neighbour of the late Peter Fleming, Bill Roberts.