The Willi Fida Culinary Bursary

The Willi Fida Culinary Bursary was established by the friends and family of Willi Fida, to honour his pioneering efforts to develop fine culinary experiences in Prince Edward County.

Willi Fida was born in Austria, trained as a chef and worked in many fine restaurants before moving to the County to open Angeline’s Restaurant in Bloomfield in 1988.  Willi was a great promoter of the County, and made every effort to showcase locally grown food. He gradually attracted other chefs to the area, thereby helping to establish the County as a culinary mecca. He passed away in 2007. His two children, Alexandre and Melanie, continue to run the restaurant.

Each year, a bursary of $1,500 shall be awarded up to two young people (under 30 years of age) from Prince Edward County who are pursuing a post-secondary culinary education.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Willi Fida Educational Bursary is open to youth up to 30 years of age residing in Prince Edward County.
  • Students must be seeking full-time admission to a program in culinary education.

NOTE: Students who receive a Willi Fida Culinary Bursary may apply again in the future.

How to Apply

  • A written letter of introduction that provides an overview outlining your school and community activities. Be specific in listing any leadership activities, special projects or initiatives, including what motivates you to pursue culinary education and what your ambitions are after school.
  • Two letters of recommendation from a direct supervisor (work, school, community agency, etc). The letters should cover such topics as your academic motivation and growth potential, your creativity, self-discipline and leadership qualities, and your personal initiative. The letters must include contact information for the person writing the letter. (The reference letters can be emailed to
  • Your most recent high school transcript. (Not necessary for 2020 applications)
  • A copy of the letter of acceptance from your post-secondary institution.
  • Please complete and sign the Application Form

Selection Process

The County Foundation evaluates applications in the following four areas:

  1. Academic competence
  2. Participation in extra-curricular activities in school, the community, work or as a volunteer, i.e. demonstrated initiative.
  3. Desire for a culinary career as described in your own words
  4. Culinary experience to date (work, courses, etc.)

All applicants will receive notice from the Foundation of the results of their application.

Additional information or an interview may be requested by the Foundation.

All decisions are the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of The County Foundation or their designate, and are final.

Obligation of Bursary Recipient

The bursary will be paid in one installment directly to the applicant’s post-secondary institution or PECI – whichever is applicable. Before the payment is made, the applicant must submit proof of full-time registration, including student number.

Bursary recipients must begin their post-secondary program in the year of their application.

Please send your application to:
The County Foundation
Suite 103, 280 Main Street
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0

You can also email your application to

OR Return to the Guidance Department, PECI

Should you have any questions about this application, please contact:
Executive Director
The County Foundation

The deadline for applications is May 30 each year.

Late applications will not be accepted. Unsigned or incomplete application forms may be returned or disqualified.

The successful applicant will be notified by June 25 (to be confirmed)