Youth Learning & Engagement Fund

Background & Recognition of the Need

Greater Than logoGreater Than: County Youth Collectiveis a collaborative of young people and community agencies with a vision of supporting Prince Edward County (PEC) youth to embrace learning and personal development to achieve their potential. The long-term goal of this collaborative is to raise secondary school graduation rates in PEC to be consistent with the provincial average. As part of a broader strategy, we have developed a Youth Learning & Engagement Fund.

Greater Than community partners recognize that lack of funds can affect participation of local youth in educational, arts, cultural, sports, and civic activities. The research is clear on the long-term benefits such involvement can have on physical, emotional, and mental well-being. In addition, when engaged in community activities youth develop leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, which will serve them well in a variety of life endeavors including educational attainment.

Purpose of the Fund

To support PEC youth (aged 12-29) to participate in educational, arts, cultural, sports, and civic activities.


Any Greater Than Partner agency can apply on behalf of individuals:  An Application Form must be completed. If approved, the monies will be dispensed to the Partner agency to protect the anonymity of the recipient. Prior to applying to the fund, applicants must demonstrate that other avenues have been explored and that the funding request is not eligible to be covered by any other programs. Only youth working and/or living in PEC are eligible to receive these funds.

How to Apply

There are three ways you can apply for the Learning and Engagement fund:
  1. Ages 12-18 can apply at the ROC (
  2. Ages 15-29 can apply at Prince Edward Learning Centre (
  3. Other Greater Than Partner agencies are also welcome to apply on behalf of individuals, contact to request the application form


Recipients of the fund can be any PEC youth (aged 12-29):
  • Who are engaged in their education or attempting to re-engage with their education. Education is defined broadly and can include apprenticeship, mentorship, certificate etc.
  • Whose financial circumstances make them unable to pay the full cost of participation.
  • Who seek funding related to participation in education or meaningful community engagement through activities or events.
  • Whose request is related to one of the pillars of Greater Than’s Theory of Change captured below:


  • Requests for individual youth are anonymous. However, the request must be initiated by a need; and must be presented by a Greater ThanPartner agency on behalf of the individual.


  • All requests are held in the strictest confidence, no information will be shared.

What is Funded?

  • Application Fees
  • Transportation to education or career-based activities (Bike, taxi rides, gas cards)
  • Equipment (such as Clothing, Sports Gear, Technology)
  • Travel/Accommodation – Away
  • Registration Fees; Training Fees (WHMIS, Smart Serve, Drivers Ed.).
  • Note: This is not an exhaustive list. All requests from eligible applicants that connect with the Theory of Change above will be considered.

Funding Limits

  • Individual: up to $400 for a maximum of one proposal a year.

Approval Process

  • Individual asks under $200 can be approved within three working days.
  • Amounts over $200 will be approved within 10 working days.

Disbursment of Funds

  • Once Approved, funds will be disbursed within three working days.


  • Greater Than Partner Agencies will be required to provide an impact statement from the Youth in receipt of the fund.
  • Greater Than Partner Agencies will be required to submit receipts for funds disbursed, this responsibility is shared between the recipient of the fund and the associated Partner Agency.
  • Reporting is due within one month after the completion of the activity.