It’s adjudication time for the Huff Family Fund Grants!

The Huff Family Fund Applications closed on November 5/19.  The County Foundation Grants Review Committee volunteer members will now be invited from a diverse group of individuals from across our County, with far ranging talents and a keen interest in this work.  

Concurrently, applications will be compiled into the screening and evaluation process developed by the Foundation to ensure that applications are valid and meet the requirements as laid out by the Donors.  The committee work is demanding, rigorous, and takes time.  So all applicants are asked to be patient during the evaluation and adjudication phase.

Once recommendations are available from the Committee, they proceed to TCF’s Board of Directors for approval and then the Donors are consulted before final results are announced.

And again in 2019, the numerous applications are expected to exceed the granting available, providing challenges for the Grants Review Committee members in making difficult choices among strong contenders.  We thank those committee members in advance and know that the results will be fair and thoroughly considered.  

A very busy time for Grants

The Huff Family Fund Grants will be presented January 23/20 as matching funding will enable approximately $260,000 of projects to proceed.   The grants will impact 17

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Start the new year right!

Municipal grant applications are now open through to noon, February 5th. Three streams are available: Under $1,000 in-kind only (rental fees, permit waivers, etc) Under

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