RBC Future Launch – Vital Conversations

RBC Future Launch – empowering the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow, is a 10 year initiative aimed to help young people gain access and opportunities to the skills, job experience and career networks needed for the future world of work.

The initiative will address the following critical gaps:

  • A lack of relevant experience
  • A lack of relevant skills
  • A lack of knowledge networks
  • A lack of future readiness

The County Foundation, Greater Than County Youth Collective, and RBC, meet next week to hold Vital Conversations with local youth around issues youth feel are important. This is the first of numerous Vital Conversations to be convened by RBC across Canada under this initiative and melds well with previous conversations, now turned into actions and underway by Greater Than CYC.

Giving youth a forum and a safe place in which to be heard is a prelude to synthesizing issues and determining which particular issues have priority for further action in the form of projects for which grants are available under this initiative. Through Community Foundations of Canada, RBC Future Launch will award numerous grants up to a maximum total of $15,000 (for from one to three projects) in communities across Canada. Vital Conversations will surface the important projects. Youth will decide the potential projects and their priorities, compile applications for worthwhile project grants, carry out the projects if applications are approved, and measure results.

Greater Than CYC has a website at https://greaterthancyc.ca

They are a Collective with powerful committed partners listed and accessible through the website. Their presence, Vision and Goal result from conversations leading to the publication of TCF’s Vital Signs in 2013, from which Learning was identified as a key issue in the County. The Collective has made great strides along the pathway to achieving its Vision and Goal and continues to give a voice to youth and a safe environment in which to be heard.