Scholarships & Bursaries for 2020

Graduating students this year are facing decisions that they, and we, have never before experienced.  Heading to College, to University, or looking into other plans?  Whatever the choice, and despite the lockdown, several Scholarships and/or Bursaries WILL proceed this year, with applications closing on May 30/20.

The under-noted awards are available, and written submissions without transcripts will be considered.  Grads will hear from their school to confirm the availability of these awards, and encouragement from family and friends is recommended in these trying times.  Be a sounding board for students having difficult life decisions to make.  Let’s all think beyond the confines of today and toward a brighter future!

The Oeno Gallery Arts Scholarship $2,000 toward studying in the Fine Arts or Art Administration:

The Virginia Cowan Memorial Bursary $1,500, for females only:

The Gunther Wetzel Trades Bursary $1,500 for PECI grads only:

The Willi Fida Culinary Culinary Bursary $1,500 towards culinary education:

Click on Grants and Funds to find your choice. Best wishes with your submissions.  Stay healthy, stay safe.