Some great news! Generous gifts expand Fund’s impact.

The PEC Syria fund was opened in September 2019 and is administered by The County Foundation.  It’s purpose is to assist Syrian immigrants to the County to settle in their new community and ease that process.  Initiated by Carlyn Moulton, Robin Baranyi and Barry Davidson, the Fund has already delivered three grants to Syrian students attending secondary education pursuits.

Now, a very generous gift to the Fund will allow it to expand its role.  The $30,000 gift from Dr. Margaret Tromp and Dr. David Beach has been given in the name of James Craig, who teaches art, and Wendy Hudson, a youth worker, both at Nicholson Catholic College in Belleville.  They have made significant contributions to the lives of many young people.  Dr. Tromp has been a volunteer with PEC Syria since the outset, helping to coordinate medical care for families as they arrived.  She has met many of the children through her practice, and knows the significant difference this sort of gift can make.  We applaud and appreciate their generosity.

This donation will allow the PEC Syria Funds to expand its resources to PEC Syria Funds – Education Fund and PEC Syria Funds – Settlement Fund.  Learn more about the new Settlement Fund at:

This would also be a good time to donate to either Fund, and optional ways to do this are on the website link.  Stay healthy, stay safe.