The County Foundation announces Impact Grants to 10 Organizations

The County Foundation Board of Directors recently approved over $56,000 in grants from six well established Funds administered by the Foundation.

Reflecting the enthusiasm and determination to improve our community there was an extremely high number of quality applications from all parts of the County. More projects than could be fully funded were proposed and carefully evaluated. While 12 project proposals were successful, those which were not successful were provided advice on how to strengthen their future applications to achieve a positive outcome. Quality applications are sought and appreciated as an inspiration to our donors, and when successful help to strengthen community.

With special thanks to donors who are making a positive difference in the County, we outline the following grant awards.

The County Foundation Community Fund grants to:
• Prince Edward Learning Centre for their Food education project, aligned well with the Rural Ontario Institute Project and will extend the value of that joint initiative with many of the Food Insecurity players;
• West Street / Mary Street Food Project (PELASS Project) to add 30+ community garden plots to an affordable housing complex, as Picton Community Gardens beds are fully booked for this year;
• Prince Edward Learning Centre for their Financial Literacy program expansion, for promotion and transportation resulting in skills development and with a poverty reduction element.

The Community Justice Fund grants to:
• County Kids Read (as part of PEC Arts Council), for purchase and distribution of books dealing specifically with anxiety and mental health themes, identified as an area of high need by their partner agencies;
• Prince Edward Learning Centre for developing curriculum and initial delivery as part of PELC’s Keystone programs supporting decision-making and employability among young people.

The Jack and Ruby Lockyer Ward Fund grants to:
• Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital for a fundraising thermometer for use in the Back the Build Campaign;
• Department of Illumination (in partnership with the Arts Council) for the Lantern Festival activities and event. Shared grant funding.

The Wynne Thomas Arts Development Fund grants to:
• Baxter Arts Centre for program coordination support;
• Department of Illumination (in partnership with the Arts Council) for the Lantern Festival activities and event. Shared grant funding.

The Jack Sisson Society Fund Scholarships for two students from Eastside Secondary School and two students from Centennial Secondary School to recognize performance in sports and academic pursuits. These awards are redirected due to the closing of Quinte Secondary School.

The PEC Built Heritage Fund celebrates it’s tenth anniversary this year, with grants to:
• Consecon Masonic Lodge, the Save the Day Grant for roof preservation;
• Regent Theatre Foundation for Marquee Light Replacement including heritage considerations;
• Alternatives for Women for foundation repairs to the Vi Courtney house.

We congratulate these grantees and applaud their enthusiasm in moving these projects forward to an impactful conclusion.