Vital Signs Report 2018 Is Being Digitized, for Mobile Access and Updating

The Vital Signs 2018 Report currently on our website will soon be joined by a digitized version of this important document. The digitized version will provide access by mobiles and will contain hyperlinks to deepen the information and expand on data contained within it.

More information, for example, on What’s Being Done to address the various issues surfaced by the report will expand on current outlines and/or update that section of each category. Hyperlinks will take readers to related sites to broaden knowledge in areas of interest and focus. Background databases will support periodic updates to statistics to indicate trends and mark progress being made. And links to bibliographies will describe more fully the research and references behind the statistics, and why certain statistics were, or were not, used. The digitized version will become a dynamic rather than static report, inviting readers to find out even more about community issues.

This project is well underway, so look for further news on this development.