Call 2 Action

Call 2 Action

Throughout this report, we have asked you to consider “What might this mean?” or “How might this impact?” and other open-ended questions that relate to the data, comments, concerns and trends we are reporting on. They are intended to stimulate thought, conversation and action, both ­individually and collectively, to build on the many projects and initiatives already underway. 

With this in mind, we encourage you to:

SHARE this report with others.

DISCUSS the information. 

CONSIDER the possibilities.

BECOME part of the solution, perhaps by joining a group working on addressing the issues.

CONTEMPLATE different and creative approaches.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE by initiating action on things that matter to you.

The County Foundation’s role is to work with you to build a place of shared prosperity that works for everyone.

You can get involved with us by: 

BECOMING A VOLUNTEER with the Foundation or one of its working groups.

MAKING A BEQUEST or setting up a fund to support areas of concern to you.

CONTRIBUTING to one of our existing funds.

For more information, contact us at 613-476-7901 ext. 218

Email us at:

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