Before they enter Grade 1, children are assessed in 5 domains of development:

  • physical health & well-being
  • language & cognitive development
  • social competence
  • communication & general knowledge
  • emotional maturity

Low EDI is an indicator of a child’s inability to learn and reach their full potential.

The highest rate of vulnerability was in physical health and well-being at 26.6%.

If family housing, employment, food security and transportation are compromised, the children suffer. 


Click here for more information on local EDI figures from Hastings Prince Edward Children and Youth


Provincial assessment tests administered yearly in Grades 3, 6, 9, 10 to measure attainment at or above the provincial standard.

Grade 9 Mathematics 
(EQAO 2016/17) PECI

Assessments differentiated based on curriculum expectations in Applied & Academic Math courses. Results reported as a percentage of students achieving at provincial standard.

Grade 10 Literacy Test (OSSLT 2016/17) PECI

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test administered in Academic, Applied & Locally Developed English courses.


What impact will lower literacy and math scores have on opportunities for our youth and our economy?

⇒ Click here for 2016 Census figures for educational attainment


Hastings Prince Edward School Board graduation rates have increased significantly, but are still below Ontario’s.

⇒ Click here for source figures from Statistics Canada

HPEDSB High School Suspension Rate was 6.1% in 2015/16 slightly down from 7.6% in 2012/13. However, it is disturbingly high compared to the provincial 2.6%. The concern is that suspended students may not return to complete their education.

⇒ Click here for Ontario figures on numbers of students suspended


Because of declining enrolment, two elementary schools have closed. A third has narrowly avoided closure by the innovative repurposing of its surplus space to create a community food hub.

What is the impact of school closures on young families who live here or plan to move to The County?

 Total population aged 25-64 years with no certificates, diplomas or degrees.

We should set a community-wide goal to be the first county in Ontario where everyone has their diploma or GED.

Community Conversations 2017


Early Years Literacy and Self Esteem Programs include County Kids Read, Reaching for Rainbows, The Hub Child & Family Centre.

Greater Than: The Vital Signs Learning Working Group has evolved into the Greater Than County Youth Collective, a collaborative of youth, youth-serving organizations and community partners working toward raising the ­graduation rate in PEC by supporting youth in the community and enhancing opportunities for youth to be engaged in the life of The County.

There are a significant number of programs and projects supporting youth’s educational attainment and well-being delivered by these Greater Than partner organizations:

  • Career Edge
  • Community Living Prince Edward
  • PEC Public Library
  • The Recreation Outreach Centre
  • The Centre for Workforce Development
  • John Howard Society Quantum Program
  • Loyalist College
  • Prince Edward Learning Centre