Health and Safety


Health data is for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties unless otherwise stated.

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How does this impact overall health?

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Recruitment of new doctors is not getting us beyond the status quo of replacing retiring doctors only.

Community Conversations 2017  

Health and community vitality are mutually reinforcing. Good health has a positive effect on community vitality and vice versa.

Community Conversations 2017

Quality health care is an attractor to young entrepreneurs and families as well as retirees.

Community Conversations 2017  

Waiting list for family doctors is growing, up to 1,000 people in The County now. How is this list managed, how are patients prioritized for getting off the list?

Community Conversations 2017

We need a Transitional Age Youth Worker to help under 30s “navigate” the health and mental health systems …  it’s critical, especially for  mental health.

Community Conversations 2017  

There is an imbalance in accessability to care. The emergency room is a limited option that negatively affects continuity of care and lengthens wait times for everyone.

Community Conversations 2017

The Family Health Team nurse is a big help and support. Sometimes all you need is simple reassurance and she is there to give it.

Young mother in The Hub’s “Babies and Beyond” program.

Healthcare is an economic development issue.

Community Conversations 2017

How many of us feel our
Mental Health
is very good or excellent?

* The working age cohort shows a significant drop, and there is a need for programs and advices for this sector.

* However, we heard different perspectives from youth in our Community Conversations. They told us:

  • they are aware of the impact mental health has on our community
  • they see a continuing stigma around seeking help
  • they want more access to information and services

How does this relate to our overall sense of belonging?

⇒ Click here for Statistics Canada source figures on self-reported mental health

There needs to be more and better education of the public about mental health and addiction issues. Mental health issues and treatment options need a greater emphasis.

Community Conversations 2017

There is a lack of mental health services, especially for youth. Rural youth are receiving the message that they are second-rate.

Community Conversations 2017

It is estimated that 15-35% of youth are suffering from mental health issues which can be reflected in drug abuse and addiction.

Community Conversations 2017


The Mental Health Strategy is a collaborative led by the Police Services Board and The County Foundation funded by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services to improve community response to persons with mental health disorders. 
HPE Children’s Mental Health Services served 170 clients in The County region from March 2017 to April 2018. In the first quarter of 2018 they actively served 47 children and had 16 on the waiting list in the Picton office alone. As awareness grows of mental health issues, the demand for service is increasing.
A new County hospital. We have initial approval and fundraising is underway for a new hospital.
Prince Edward Family Health Team has changed the role of its Nurse Practitioners. They now provide house calls to PEC’s most fragile residents, under the Coordinated Care Program. A Physican Retention and Recruitment Working Group has been formed between the municipality and the Prince Edward Family Health Team to actively bring new doctors to The County.



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In our Community Conversations we heard about a lot of concerns, but safety was not high on the list except for the issue of pedestrian safety. Our streets and roads are becoming more congested, and residents are concerned about increased traffic and speeding through towns and villages. 

Our community-focused local OPP detachment reports that most of the calls they respond to relate to social and domestic issues. We are keenly aware that mental health and addiction issues are factors in crime, as well as health, homelessness and the safety and well-being of some of our most vulnerable.

How might this relate to a sense of belonging?

Speeding is a real safety issue in Cherry Valley. Cars, contractor trucks and gravel trucks. I’ve even seen speeding school buses.

Community Conversations 2017

The opioid crisis is global and our rural community is not immune. Prescription Fentanyl and its ‘street’ versions are lethal in extremely small doses. Naloxone kits, medication that can quickly reverse effects of an opioid overdose, have been made available to first responders and other community partners. Specific data is sparse but that will change as the OPP introduces new methods of opioid tracking.


A Community Safety & Well-being Planis currently being developed by a collaboration of local agencies with leadership from the Police Services Board. Once formally adopted by Council, the Plan will outline ­strategic actions involving local service agencies, County Council, PEC OPP and first ­responders to safeguard County residents. 

The PEC Situation Table is an alliance of local service agencies and PEC OPP working together to mitigate situations for individuals experiencing multiple risks with the potential for increased victimization. This disciplined meeting process has very specific privacy protocols to further protect the individual. Strategic ­responses happen within 24 – 48 hours.

PEC OPP’s new Community Street Crime Unit was created to proactively address crimes related to local drug activity.

The multi-organizational Narcotics Committee is working together with the PEC OPP to create a collaborative prevention approach to confront the drug problems threatening our community.