91.6% of people in PEC who commute to work rely on private transport – that is car, truck or van – as driver or passenger.

1% use public transit, mainly because of the limited scope of what is currently available. 

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The need to expand transit services to all residents of this rural community has been an increasing concern. 

Lack of transportation is an obstacle to obtaining fresh food, maintaining employment, completing education, staying socially connected and generally being involved in the life of the community. 

How does this affect a sense of belonging? 

Living independently and with dignity in The County is dependent upon reasonable access to transportation. 

Employers, retailers and providers of services that rely on the physical presence of employees or clients are affected by transportation limitations.

A better network of public transportation will benefit individuals and businesses in The County.

Providing public transportation can be difficult in rural areas like ours.
The low density of housing, services and employment and the long distances between communities present challenges that can’t simply be solved by adding resources. A strategic, coordinated approach that takes advantage of ­existing resources and is tailored to the local environment has been planned to address this. The PEC Public Transit Plan is building on existing transit networks to increase coverage, service and access.
LEFT: Deseronto Transit scheduled routes service PEC-Belleville-PEC. RIGHT: Quinte Access door-to-door service was established for seniors and those with limited mobility.
LEFT: Volunteer drivers work with many organizations, including Prince Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association which offers an escorted transportation program. RIGHT: PEC’s private taxi companies are used regularly by many in the community, including social service agencies.

Many great services and opportunities for youth, those with disabilities, temporary workers etc. are limited by lack of transportation.

Community Conversations 2017

So many young folks can’t participate in the community without transportation.

Community Conversations 2017

There is no late bus for students.

Community Conversations 2017

It’s difficult to do extracurricular activities without transportation.

Community Conversations 2017

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a factor in post-secondary school applications, which puts rural youth at a disadvantage.

Community Conversations 2017


The Vital Signs Getting Around Working Group partnered with the municipality to develop the County of Prince Edward Public Transit Plan and business case for a ­sustainable, affordable integrated transit system within PEC and to/from neighbouring communities of Belleville and Quinte West. 

Provincial funding for a 5-year pilot project to launch the plan has been approved, and the plan will be rolled out in phases beginning in 2018.   

Working Group partners include:

  • Deseronto Transit
  • Quinte Access Transportation
  • Taxi Companies
  • United Way HPE
  • PEC Community Care for Seniors Association
  • Hastings Prince Edward Public Health
  • Prince Edward Learning Centre
  • Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce
  • Prince Edward-Lennox & Addington Social Services

PEC Women’s Institute initiated specialized transit in PEC and have continued their fundraising and support.