Food Security Collaborative

25 organizations involving 38 individuals and 4 community members.

Vision: Every person in Prince Edward County has the means to consistently access and consume nutritious, affordable food.

Collaborative Impact Project

PEC experiences one of the highest rates of food insecurity in the province. Conscious of the complex, long-standing nature of this issue, the Food Security working group has embraced a Collective Impact* (CI) approach for reaching the goal of significantly reducing food insecurity in the community. Collective Impact* is an advanced form of collaboration which brings together different sectors for a common agenda, to solve large complex problems.  (*The Tamarack Institute definition)

The County Foundation, on behalf of the working group, received funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada, and a private local donor, for the first phase of a CI project around the group’s vision and goal. In March 2018 the group completed this phase of the project. Results include an expanded group of stakeholders committed to a strategic community action plan that focusses on root causes of food insecurity. The second phase is underway, thanks to grants from the Rural Ontario Institute, the Municipality, and partner contributions. The nine month project will address Building Public Awareness, Access to Food, and Education and Skill Building around Food. 

Three Action Teams are underway:

  1. Awareness Team: building community awareness of and about Food Insecurity. This team communicates through press, radio, and social media, around issues of Food Insecurity and its impacts, stigmas, and help locations.
  2. Access Team: working to improve access to affordable nutritious food for all in need in our community. This team has many activities underway at Community Gardens, Food Banks in Wellington and Picton, cooking classes in various local kitchens, community dinners around the County (some now on vacation until September), food supply arrangements to increase supply and storage, and emergency food supply. Food To Share and the Food Banks are leading this effort, with many volunteers supporting their leadership.
  3. Education Team: developing education and skills around and about food. This team addresses using food properly and being environmentally conscious of food production impacts and use.  This team is led by Prince Edward Learning Centre.