Vital Signs Report 2018

This is The County Foundation’s second Vital Signs Report. The first report was Vital Signs 2013 which was followed by the Vital Signs Progress Report 2015. TCF joins 85 other community foundations around Canada that are also publishers of their own Vital Signs.

The Vital Signs Report 2018 is now available in two formats.

  1. A pdf version for those who like to scroll and read sequential pages of the document.
  2. A page by page digitized version, accessible for computers and mobile devices, with fast, user-friendly documentation through added links which will deepen your knowledge on the issues.

The digitized version will be periodically updated to show not only the snapshots in time for 2018, but also trends based on the latest statistics, plus updates on the actions being taken by community agencies to resolve the issues.

What is Vital Signs?

  • Evidence-based snapshot of a community’s strengths & challenges
  • Identifies current actions and opportunities for further support & community collaboration
  • An accessible information resource specific to our region with relevant data from a number of reliable sources
  • A platform for discussion, innovative ideas and collective action

Purpose of Vital Signs

  • Create community awareness of the issues
  • Engage community participation in building on existing initiatives
  • Provide evidence to assist community organizations with their planning and funding
  • Provide donors with a focus for informed decision-making
  • Guide The County Foundation’s granting process